Accessories - Lonsdale Electronic Gym Timer

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The Lonsdale electronic gym timer is perfect for use in gyms and boxing clubs, with its highly visible 3" display, 4 level sound volume control and extra loud buzzer that’s made to be heard even in busy environments. The touch buttons let you set the parameters you want for each session. Rounds can be continuous or set from 1 up to 9, and can last any number of minutes from 1 to 9. Interval times can be chosen from 0-60 seconds and rest time from 10-90 seconds, both in 5-second increments. This timer is very practical and easy to use, making it a great fit in gym and club environments.


  • Electronic gym timer perfect for use in gyms/clubs
  • Touch buttons
  • Large 3" display with 4 level sound volume control
  • Can be used for 1 minute to 9 minute workout periods (1 minute increments)
  • Interval Time can be set from 0-60 sec (5 second increments)
  • Rest Time is available from 10-90 sec (5 second increments)
  • Number of rounds can be set from 1-9 or continuous
  • Extra loud buzzer can be heard even in busy gym/club environments
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