Balls - Zsig SLOcoach Big Red Mini Tennis Balls 12 Pack

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Zsig's ® SLOcoach Big Red Mini Tennis Ball was tailor-made for the LTA Red Stage and the ITF Stage 3 Mini Tennis coaching programmes, and quickly became a best-seller.
At 70mm, it's roughly 8% bigger than a standard tennis ball so it's easier for learners to hit. It's a bigger target. And it's slower - the Big Red's reduced pace means learners of all ages achieve greater success. And with success come confidence, and the desire to learn more.
What is included 
  • 12 x Tennis Balls.
  • Larger-sized (70mm diameter) low compression tennis ball used on a Mini Tennis court.
  • Recommended racket size: 19 and 21 inch (48 and 53 cms).
  • Starter children aged 5 to 8 and adult introduction.
  • LTA Red Stage.
  • ITF Stage 3.
  • In top quality, hard-wearing cloth.

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