Escape Battle Bag

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 It is British made.
There are a extensive range of fitness exercises (multi planar movement) that can be undertaken via the numerous handle configurations provided.
The `Hanging Loop` featured can be used by Military Personnel when on Manoeuvres or in Theatre for storage of personal and kit items.
Weight can be added using a range of components or material; sand, gravel, aggregate or 2 litre water bottles, which aslo double as rehydration after exercise, or can be prefilled with pea gravel or other media. This negates the need to purchase ballast/weight as is readily available, environmentally friendly, recyclable.
The Battle Bag weighs 1.64kg when empty, rolls up small and is easily strapped to suitcase, bergen or haversack etc, to take anywhere.
Filled weights up to 25kg
It is constructed using durable, hard wearing materials that are conducive with standard military kit and equipment, current products (bags) soon wear and fail.
Battle Bags could be regiment and service branded by the recipient - Current product standard is green.
There are 4 weight compartments to which can be used to vary bag weight; Either evenly distributing  or unevenly distributing if so desired.
Shoulder strap for carrying when empty.

Battle Bag is a trademark of Escape Fitness. Patent Pending.

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