Strength - Apollo Training Tyre

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Much like the tyre flip, using the Apollo Training Tyre is great for power production, however, sledgehammer work focuses on power production in the opposite direction.

This is the classic movement that 'The World’s Strongest Man' made famous. The flip is a tremendous movement for people who need explosive power. This is one of the best exercises for athletes such as rugby players, wrestlers, special forces and others who need to exert force quickly to move heavy opponents.

The tyre Farmer's Walk is a challenging variation that taxes your conditioning and grip. Simply set up in a dead lift position and lift the tyre, then take it for a walk. Make sure you keep your chest up and shoulders back for safety.

Tyres can be great for team building and there are a few movements where two people can work together to get the job done. 


  • 12kg - 68 x 25 x 68cm
  • 26kg - 76 x 21 x 76cm
  • 78kg - 142 x 38 x 142cm
  • 81kg - 116 x 37 x 116cm
  • 113kg - 167 x 42 x 167cm
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