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Gray Nicolls ® Kwik Cricket Coaching Sets - new and a better specification range of equipment. Bowed bats for better shape and weighted and gripped like a real cricket bat. The idea is to replicate real cricket more closely. Kwik Cricket sets are an alternative to traditional cricket to allow play at anytime of the year, either indoor or outdoor. The Kwik Cricket sets are manufactured from high quality moulded plastic and are light but extremely tough and durable. Kwik Cricket is an approved product of the ECB and is available in different sizes.
  • Kwik Cricket equipment is made from high quality moulded plastic.
  • It is light enough for small hands yet extremely tough and hard wearing.
  • It has been designed as an alternative to traditional equipment to allow the game to be played safely on any flat surface either indoors or outdoors at any time of the year.
  • Each set includes the following items - 2 bats (available in three sizes), 2 balls, 2 stump bases, 6 stumps, 1 holdall.

Additional Information

  • Medium Set - Contains Medium bats - 76.20cm (30in) equivalent to size 5, approx age 9-11 years.

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