Beemat Deluxe Lightweight Mat

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Beemat Deluxe Lighweight Mats are part of the Beemat brand of gymnastic mats which has been developed over many years and provides high quality products for all ages in education and recreation from pre-school groups to athletics clubs.

Available sizes

  • A – 1.22m x 0.91m x 2.54cm – 4’ x 2.98’ x 1”.
  • B – 1.82m x 1.22m x 2.54cm – 5.97’ x 4’ x 1”
  • C – 1.82m x  1.22m x 3.18cm – 5.97’ x 4’ x 1.25”


  • Design, material selection, and manufacture is carried out under our quality control system and monitored to ISO9001:2000.
  • These are excellent for playgroups, primary, junior and secondary school use.
  • Being lightweight it makes them easy to handle and store.
  • Constructed using flame retardant PVC coated fabric bonded to the top and sides together with a latex antislip base.


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