Conditioning - Raze Power Pad

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The Power Tools are a range of training products that take their inspiration from a bygone era - a time when physical labour provided the power to get things done

The simplicity of the Raze ® Power Pad’s exterior belies its multi functional and wide ranging applications.


  • The top surface has been carefully constructed to provide a large circular ‘sweet spot’ in the middle to provide a landing / slamming / dropping / running zone. It comprises multiple layers of variable density shock absorbing foam, which have been thoroughly tested to ensure they give the necessary level of “sinkability.”
  • The bottom surface of the PWR PAD has an entirely different construction, creating a much firmer surface so it can be used like a low level plyometric box, but with a much wider take off/landing surface area. Combined with numbered graphics, it allows for a wide variety of plyometric routines, drills and games.
  • When used for dropping / slamming (with products such as the PWR Barrel, PWR Slam or PWR Stone) the absorbent, cushioned, multi layered foam protects both the product and the floor surface, thus increasing the longevity of both. The construction of the PWR PAD also provides a sound proofing effect, ideal for reducing noise across the gym floor.
  • The same absorbent foam that allows for a cushioned landing surface also provides a resisted, “sinkable” running surface. A surface that replicates running in sand and creates an almost swamp like feel – it overloads the running action, developing power in the legs, as well as developing stamina and muscular endurance. Similarly, any jumping, squatting and turning movements are extra difficult and require significantly more explosive power to perform.
  • Weight: 40kg.