Dunlop Sonic TI Racquetball Racket

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An entry level frame designed for powerful strokes and easy learning curve, the Dunlop Sonic Ti Racketball Racket features a 106in2 (683cm2) head which is very forgiving and helps develop stronger strokes with a larger sweet spot. The frame is head light balanced to provide a smoother striking motion, better handling and precise control over strokes. The racquet is excellent for taking your first steps and learning the ropes confidently with clarity and comfort. This 200g (7oz) beginner-friendly racquet arrives pre-strung with Dunlop factory string in a 16x18 Powermax string pattern for some extra shot power, and a 3/4 cover is there to ensure proper protection between use.


  • Construction: Titanium Alloy.
  • Grip: Dunlop PU Factory grip.
  • Strung with Dunlop Factory sing.
  • String Pattern: 16x18 Powermax.
  • Head Size: 106in2 (683cm2).
  • Frame Weight: 200g (7oz.
  • Beam Width: 18mm.
  • Balance: Head light.
  • Length: 22'' (557mm).
  • Supplied with a 3/4 cover.

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