Exigo Wall Mounted Multi Grip Chinning Bar

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Heavy duty wall mounted chinning bar with rubber handle grips to ensure maximum grip, comfort and safety when using. The multi grip position offers a variety of workouts for training the Pectorals, Triceps and Deltoids muscles. New Key Feature for the new verison of the multi grip chin up bar is it has a bottom slot hole to allow use of all type of suspension workout training kits. 5° Angled front bars for the correct bio mechanical position for pull up's. Manufactured and designed in the UK, guaranteed to remain secure and safe. Easily attached to any solid brick or stone surface, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


  • All fixings and instructions included. Suitable for commercial gym's, clubs and home use.
  • Designed to ensure suitable wall clearance.
  • Increases overall upper body fitness and strength with chin ups and pull ups.
  • The back plate dimensions: Back plate dimensions are as follows: 225mm x 225mm square and all holes are 20mm in from the edge. Suspension tarining kits are sold separately. 
  • Overall dimensions: D52cm x W119cm x H38cm.
  • Weight: 10kg.
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