Fastime 29 Stopwatch

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With a 30 lap memory the Fastime 29 Stopwatch is an ideal accompanyment for sports days. With START, STOP, RESUME (TIME OUT) or RESET, with CUMULATIVE and LAP SPLIT TIMES.


  • Other functions: DUAL REPEATING and COUNTDOWN TIMER, PACER, ALARM, DAY DATE. LOW BATTERY INDICATOR. It has a rugged water resistant and shock resistant case. With a 1 year warranty.

  • Stopwatch: Measures up to 9hrs 59mins 59 secs in 1/100ths of a second. Triple display shows:

  • Top display  Cumulative split time to the last split and number of splits taken. 

  • Middle display Lap time when split time is taken.

  • Lower display Cumulative running time.

  • 30 cumulative and split times can be stored in memory with fastest, slowest and average times identified. Cumulative running time is shown in memory review if split times are still being taken during an event.

  • Time out (start, stop, resume) function is also included.

  • Dual Repeating Countdown Timer: Maximum setting 9hr 59min 59sec. Display shows Timer 1 and Timer 2. Alarm sounds at the end of each countdown. Option to START, STOP, RESUME and RESET the countdown are available. Timer 1 is linked to Timer 2.

  • Pacer: Set 10,20,30,40,60,80,120,140,160,200,220, 240, 320 beats per minute 

Battery Changing Information

When changing a battery in a Fastime watch ensure that where there is a spring it is n the correct position (under the battery), where there is a clip to hold the battery, ensure that the battery is place under the clip making good contact with the elements. If the watch face still remains blank it may be that the watch needs re-setting, this can be done by creating a ‘U’-shaped tool from a paperclip and simultaneously touching one end to the back of the battery and the other end to the contact in the reset hole to the left of the battery bar screw.

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