Goals - Spalding NBA Platinum Portable Basketball System

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The Spalding ® NBA Platinum Portable Basketball System will work with you, help you achieve your best and give you strength and endurance to keep on playing.


  • Base for stability with water level control.
  • Tetragonal, three-part pole system (10 cm edge length).
  • Backboard made of transparent acrylic.
  • Stable aluminium frame and board bad.
  • Solid “Arena Slam Jam Ring” with flexible rim suspension.
  • Weatherproof and stainless.
  • Screw Jack Elevator system.
  • Assembling time approximately 3h - 4.5h.


  • Backboard size 137 x 81 cm.
  • Basement size 135 x 86 cm.
  • Weight  58,29 kg.
  • Total height 3,85 m.

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