Goggles - Speedo Fastskin3 Elite Mirror Goggles Black/Silver

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The Speedo ® Fastskin3 Elite Mirror Goggles are part of Speedo's ® world first concept to revolutionise the sport of swimming. Offering swimmers a cohesive, hydrodynamic solution to cut through water with maximum efficiency.

Maximum comfort, a hydrodynamic profile and wide peripheral vision with less head movement make the Fastskin3 Elite Google a key weapon in the armoury of the serious swimmer. 


  • IQ Fit Seal - Designed for real head and face contours, and based on global head scanning data, the IQ Fit Seal is Speedo's ® first true 3D goggle seal. It fits more securely, works at lower strap tensions, and provides a comfortable fit that swimmers can rely on.
  • Hydroscopic Lens - The unique hydroscopic lens gives swimmers 180 degrees of peripheral vision, increasing awareness of their surroundings and other competitors with a minimum of energy-wasting head movement.
  • Fit Point Markers - A simple yet inspired innovation that facilitates precision alignment of the goggle and Fastskin3 Cap, by touch when preparing for a race. For reduced drag and maximum efficiency in the water.
  • Interchangeable Nose Bridge - A choice of 3 nose bridges (Small, Medium and Large) allow for a secure, individual fit.
  • IQ Fit Strap - Innovative one-piece strap design that eliminates dangling strap ends and reduces drag. Features a tensioning scale for consistent, precision adjustment.
  • Mirror Coated Lens - Helps to reduce glare and lower the rate of light transmission through the lens, and so is ideal for bright conditions or out door swimming. Performance swimmers often choose mirror lenses to race in as the mirror coating prevents the opposition seeing their eyes. 

Additional Information

  • Pouch - The Fastskin3 Super Elite Goggles come complete with a Speedo ®Goggle Pouch.
  • UV Coating - Protects the eyes from the sun's harmful rays.
  • Antifog - Prevents misting and fogging on the lens of a swimming goggle giving excellent vision and clarity.
  • Widevision -  Widevision lens for superior peripheral vision and clarity.
  • Strap - Silicone strap: a solid block of material which is soft, flexible and elastic.
  • Frames - Polycarbonte plastic frames and lenses offers excellent impact resistance.
  • Seal - ThermoPlastic Rubber developed as a synthetic alternative to rubber. TPR contains no latex.
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