Tennis Posts - Harrod Sport 76mm Socketed Square Steel Tennis Posts

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Harrod Sport ® S8  76 mm Socketed Square Steel Tennis Posts are most popular selling tennis posts and suitable for clubs and schools.  Available with or without sockets so you can just replace your tennis posts if need be.
What is included
Option with sockets
  • 2 x Tennis Posts (1 Winder, 1 Dummy).
  • 2 x Sockets.
  • 2 x Socket Lids.
  • 1 x 2.7mm Polyethylene Tennis Net.
  • All Bolts & Fixings.
Option without sockets
  • 2 x Tennis Posts (1 Winder, 1 Dummy).
  • 1 x 2.7mm Polyethylene Tennis Net.
  • All Bolts & Fixings.
  • Top quality posts made from 76mm square steel.
  • Polyester powder coated green for a scratch-resistant finish.
  • Complete with British brass winder and stainless steel net retaining rod ensures net is held firm to posts.
  • 359mm deep sockets with a 79mm square internal face.
  • Sockets are complete with flush fitting hinged lids.
  • Brass pulley wheel.
  • Zinc phosphate coating helps provide up to 3 years protection against rusting if posts are maintained properly.
  • Total weight per set 33kg (with sockets), 18.56kg (without sockets).
  • Net size 12.8m x 1.07m. Thickness 2.7mm Single twine. Colour - black with black band on bottom and selvedge sides, white nylon headband on the top.

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