TRX Tactical Gym

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The new TRX Tactical Gym is designed for the demands of the military service, the new 12 week progressive tactical conditioning program and the updated ultra-durable TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer builds strength, power, mobility and core stability.
  • The updated TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer (T2 Model)
  • TRX Door Anchor & 'Workout in Progress" safety doorknob sign.
  • TRX Extender Strap for higher or vertical anchor points.
  • New 12-Week Progressive Tactical Conditioning Program & Exercise library featuring all movements.
  • Two TRX FORCE Training DVDs featuring - 3 real-time workout module, Agility drills and benchmarking tests and Set up and use video.
  • Ruggedized, tear-proof Tactical Conditioning Guide.
  • New Mesh Carrying Bag with multiple pockets to hold entire kit for easy transport.
  • TRX Exercise Equipment has a hologram attached, usually to be found under one of the sliding rubber TRX bands. This indicates it's authenticity.


Additional Information

This set Includes.

  • TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer
  • The TRX Force Tactical Conditioning Programme: a 12 week, scalable training protocol.
  • TRX Force Mesh Running Bag.
  • TRX Door Anchor.
  • TRX Xtender.
  • TRX Suspension Anchor.
  • Two DVD's with: Three real-time workouts. Agility drills and benchmarking. Comprehensive exercise library Total running time: 204 minutes.

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