Zilland Agility Flat Rung Speed Ladder

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The Ziland Flat Fixed Rung Speed Ladder is designed especially for use on a hard surface. The layout of the fixed ladder teaches a continuous re-loading of the foot. Any number of sports specific movement patterns can be improved upon.
  • Available in two lengths, 4m and 8m - the ladders can be joined together using the buckle clips that are on either side of the product. To make a 12 metre ladder, simply order a 4m and a 8m ladder. 
  • Carry bag has a carrying handle which makes laying out and collecting in for storage very easy.
  • The hard wearing plastic rungs spaced at 45 cm intervals form an long obstacle course guaranteed to challenge foot speed, balance, agility, and fitness.
  • The wide variety of drills mean each workout can be made different and can be tailored to develop speed or aerobic conditioning.
  • Use for a warm up, balance, foot control, high-speed endurance, and controlled plyometrics.
  • Your ladder can be used safely on any surface comes supplied in a drawstring bag.
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