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When ordering via CP&F please use contract number DC/5054/1-1

This website has been put together for the MoD. All prices listed are excluding VAT so if you are not exempt from VAT please add it to your total price.Even though a wide range of products have been included on this website there may be something you can not find. If this is the case please visit our website www.newitts.com where you will find a large selection of sports equipment. Newitts have been contracted to offer you at the MoD our best possible prices on non contract items, if you find what you need on our site please send an email to support@newitts.com telling us you are from the MoD and we will send you a quotation.

"Best value for money solution" Should you require a large quantity of one specific item, such as 50+ Gym mats, please email support@newitts.com with your requirements and we will see if any additional discount is available and quote you our best possible price.

If the items you need can't be found in this catalogue or on the website please send an email to support@newitts.com saying you are from the MoD and would like us to quote for a specific item. Please give us as much information about this product as possible (Name including brand, sizes, weights, description etc.) and we will source a supplier and get back to you as quickly as possible.
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